Rajinikanth funny comment

Interviewer like ME

Cat & Chicken friendship

Funny speaking lady

Funny picture hindi

Its night time baby
Lot of happiness
Its extra emotion moment
Girl be careful
Funny Activity girls
Really cool 
Thank you
Over seen in front of girls
Extra Happy moment
Irritate your friend like this
haaaaa lol picture
When my boy friend asks me to be smart

Three biggest fears of our generation now 
Girl Friend leave Me Because i am too smart

How is my idea my GF Mobile

Stop stop i gonna peep
Should i laugh or something such angry word
Funny comment to your friends when you tease
Not Bad ok go head my lod
You Think You Are Funny But You Are Not so irritating word
Oh I Know What You Mean funny pictures facebook comments
Fabulous come on clap haha
So funny i forgot to laugh

Thank you 

Oh really How Interesting its bad reaction to others

Respect I don't like to give you...

Are you serious Cool Buddy
I heard you don't like something on my page ? funny picture
I'm alone every minutes enjoy with friends

Its my life not IRON ROD leave man 

Give like to me friends

Good morning have a good day give a hifi to me

 He is doing weird in life funny lady and boy

Very cute photograph man got slap in face haha....

Funny girls fighting with black boy.Every thing is possible but this one is very hmmm.
No Man leave it behind my husband He is coming over here you will get beat.