Yesterday i went to my college friends room and had good party .i woke up at morning 9 o'clock i decide to take a leave fully hangover so i can't go to office.put the leave today and plan to go beach.

Just finished bath and start our ride to beach area.45 kilometer to reach beach and took photo and selfie shot .had good lunch at small hotel but cooking taste is awesome.

Cost also very high but hotel is small ok with that good food so that.went to church and temple.

Today is Sunday so we are ready for full day rest friends.Just now woke up and doing brushed man.Today i washed planned wash my clothes.All clothe in bucket of water.My friends all sleeping in bed and I'm also feeling same so sleeping .So nobody in brisk in room friends.

Now a days i watching friend page in bubble some one is here.I think they are passionate to write.Look I'm why I'm here only making good bank account otherwise nothing in my thoughts.

Thanks for spending time to read this diary.