I didn't seen ghost in my lie.one day my friend crossed the white small ghost in funeral area.i didn't with them.after they said to me we were saw the small ghost crossing one by one.

My friend and me also want to see that i was reached that place watched in night time.one hour i was waiting but didn't see in that place.

I'm scared so many dead body is made with cement some lights also fire some of dead body very thrill.That time rain also came so very scared nobody in that area after one hour we decide to leave that place.

Just now came to my room and listening songs in my room it was amazing artist songs very cute music and lyrics.The special edition of lady voice .The attractive voice and its giving me clam and get me other world.

Why i like her voice she is real cute and very attractive face wow i can't oh my god how her was created by god .way of speech also very attractive attitude in her life too.

The world famous lyrics writer you know ? Tell me.

Our chief minister order to change the BSNL network government into private sector.Last time i was get new sim from bsnl office.They are gave one list and put sign.I asked them they are said chief minister create the order this so we are getting against the government.

I was just out singed but in my mind its very good order.At the time buy new sim employees are sleeping and i bought new sim.Today is third day from date of that sim but didn't activated my sim.

I always calling for this issue they are not responding.Every month first day salary credited so that they are didn't look into any issue.Private sector easily fired unwanted employee.

Six pack stomach is looking man as attractive.I'm always try to get six pack but from my college days i was drunk too much with my friends so that i got family pack of my stomach.

After the long time I'm trying to reduce belly but i can't its always looking big and big.Daily morning also doing exercise now a days some thing different from past days its reducing six of stomach very hard to reduce stomach .

In you tube to many people doing exercise classes i was watched that and keeping all instruction at morning time.some of people having the same problem at mature age.i hope i will get six pack of stomach as soon as possible.

Today morning woke up earlier and did my morning work and reached office.
Nobody here in office i was only here at morning time now office full.

So making noise in near to me so i got headache I'm feeling now take nap is best for after my work otherwise my mind feeling same tension remaining work also i can't do it full involvement so i need to take rest.

Every one expecting Christmas day and Christmas gift i hope you will get too many gift to this Christmas day this Christmas will be very surprising to you.

My dear bubble friend I'm waiting to Christmas one hour more to celebrate Christmas festival.My friends will come to my room and enjoy the Christmas party tonight.

I'm also waiting for moment only once we are celebrate Christmas this year will be best for all i hope enjoy and safety is important far to crackers.Enjoy and cut the cake drink wine and have a fun all the time.

Bubble team you were also enjoying in party i saw you in bar friends.Hop you are enjoying every moment .Welcome to new year also.

I'm lazy now so I'm only using mobile phone for chatting with my friends.my friends always active and any time time sending some thing in group chat mobile always calling me to see that updates always mobile in my hand.

Many peoples saying mobile ray is very dangerous but now a days mobile phone is another hand of all peoples now .I'm also using like that but just saying guys how is my thought about my mobile phone.

Xioami releasing the product such a nice products recently launched note 4.

I'm in room alone no one here to watch me I'm the king of this room . What i will do now getting too much cool body and very hot mind .Just I'm looking around any body is there but no one in room and big hall too.

I just make a call and I'm asking can you guess who i called in phone .I'm also nervous to asking this person.Ok i don't have any other choice so I'm asking in phone .

This is canteen in am calling from 105 room number ,Nobody here for asking coffee from your staff .So that i was called directly can i have a coffee to my room.Friend how is my mind did wonderful LOL.

In local channel telecast the final match of foot ball .I don't know what that match .This match is final match of that season.Local channel got permission to telecast their channel.

I was seat at evening time suddenly that match was telecast in that channel.Famous celebrity wife started that match at that time she was kicked big foot ball and started that match.That big foot ball had remote control fan fixed in four side and their handle that fool ball .

Finally that foot ball was reached goal line.

I had pain in my left hand shoulder heavy pain past two days i can't use that hand so I'm using pain relief spray in that area.Always feeling pain in that area every half hour i was just spray that pain killer spray.

Tomorrow will Christmas but i have some work to do in my party.After finished my work i will take beer and i will go to bed this is really good i hope.It will reduce pain i don't feel this pain at night time so that i need beer at night time.

Somebody only drink wine right which brand is your favourite .

Mosquito always finding me why i don't have enough blood in my body.If they bite mosquito needle will break only bones are here so be careful mosquito more ever some mosquito have sharp needle so that no dare to suck my bloods.

I bought mosquito net two days back.Yesterday arranged the mosquito net in my bed slept that day.Next day morning i woke up ans see inside mosquito net all mosquito also in that net very amazing i felt nice mosquito net.

If you have fish net you will get fish so mosquito net also act like that very funny.

Yeah i have too much of ghost films so today I'm planning to watch recent release ghost film one of my collection.Just played the one film starting came one ghost in screen I'm very happy its ghost funny film ok this is correct one for watch in alone .

Just now had food so I'm feeling sleepy but i have bad habit when hen sound hearing out side i will go to sleep when sun is goes upper and very hot i will wake up LOL.but some things is true.

Today i was travel by bus.One lady gave to my money for get ticket .I gave to bus conductor he suddenly say i need one rupee.I told to her but she don't have one rupee.Conductor gave money to me and gave to her.

He said she will get down next stop.She talk to me i don't have one rupee what i say I'm also convey to conductor but I'm embarrassed that time i don't also have change in my wallet so I'm in calm.
She gave one rupee with that money i gave to conductor and gave to her ticket.

She was get down her stop and look at me light angry i don't know what i did very embarrassed at that moment.

Hello friends so many my friends not come in here to make funny always .I'm waiting for them yeah sure i hope they are busy to prepare Christmas celebration .

They  will celebrate perfectly with many gifts .I need to know what they are doing in busy schedule but i don't know .

Ok now tell what you are doing for Christmas and what you will do tell me I'm waiting for your happy word and i will imagine what you are doing that i have little bit imagination mind.Start your activity

I got a mail from client Friday and i can't work this issue .I'm not interest to work that issue so i have that in pending status .Now only i have free time to do that work.The issue solved within two minutes i will send status about this at evening only yeah sure.

Otherwise they will raise any other issue we need rest so that work will postponed this is trick friend.Maybe you also like me or one the first have this thought.No one asking any question so that I'm doing like this .

If any one monitoring my work i will leave from this office .

I'm always like new product what ever if i want just search all feature and feedback from user of that product.This is important product original look and mention of that product.

In second sale some body cheating replica product 99 percentage original look so that I'm avoid buy the second sale how to cheat they are learning no one is perfect now.

We have to buy direct online purchase or buy from store.Mostly avoid second sale of any product if product users is known to you .Its ok for second sale.

I'm feeling hungry so i will eat banana .if will eat two piece of banana now.I'm very hungry so that i can eat two piece.

I empty stomach don't eat banana i was read in healthy tips.THey have lot of acid so empty stomach is not good to eat banana.

So avoid in empty stomach eat banana.Many verity of banana available but i like only "karpura valli" banana.This variety of banana good taste and good sweet taste.Please remind it don't eat in empty stomach

Friends I'm in India but now in earth.I'm doing some thing in room no one here so I'm planning to watch new film in my laptop.What you say i don't want to waste my time so that I'm here for my friends Now a days my friends inactive.

I don't know nobody here for me.I hope they are found good site may be I need that details friends i will come there and make our time worth and usefully .Yeah past days bubble also worth but little bit or over bit low now they are technique is working bad for users .

Bubble can do best their knowledge.

"Mahabaratham" story is watching in television.That program was already fully played in same television.Again that television playing that program so many people watching again if they watched like fist time watching.

My friends saying this again my parents seeing that program also.He is worry about that he can't watch any program at that time .But ok this program is history of war and some old story.I'm seeing my character when reached bubble.

But didn't show now i don't know some times this happened any time bubble team upgrading their service program and technique.

Hi cute I'm watching gnomeo and juliet animation film in my laptop.In room no water her i don't know what i do so I'm watching film simply in my bed.I'm always like animation film am also kid like my age.

Today i woke up late with headache i felt yesterday night also felt headache last night only i was at slept in bed.

Today morning woke up also late my body also getting too tired now I'm ok feeling normal but i won't go office I'm taking rest in my room friends nobody here for chatting so that I'm watching animation film all are having in my laptop.

Friends don't search any where I'm the iron man why you know today morning i was drunk iron syrup so that now I'm iron man.

I was read one news from Tamil paper one child have a magnetic power if you place any iron product that will absorb him body and just try to pick up .

His very danger when he go marry he produce another magnetic kid also .Very funny hey i just kidding don't get angry its very important issue his body.

I'm also have same power when i was in sleep at night time i was felt in my dreams.

Love is very danger and it a big issue in past days.That time also many peoples married lovers i met my friend father also love marriage.

Now I'm watching love film that story school students love.They are went from home and getting married.

Finally heroine parent found her place and rescue to home and hero will kill their parents.But hero not died but he was like mad.i can't select color from bubble so i didn't chose from my mind.

While in sitting in bath room I'm always have my mobile in my hand and searching something .Just saying anything in face book other wise updated in friends face book page.Listening songs in bathroom.

This thoughts also writing in bath room so that i having this doubt.I am only doing like this or all peoples are doing like this so that I'm asking this question while sitting in bath room you also using mobile .

If you are using what kind of activity you are using just tell me friends.Today Sunday weekend is start now i will again go to sleep i will n sleep at least two hours minimum in morning time.