Google Adsense 3rd Pin Problem and Document Submit 2016[SOLVED]

          peoples are using google adsense account for earning . Many people not getting pin their address and after verify pin getting amount through bank or cheque.

But some of people in village and out of city so not reach postal pin their address .That's the problem for verified their account with postal pin verification.

So google have option for after 3rd pin generate not receive pin .At the time we can submit our document and verify our account.The problem is after 3rd pin generate can't submit document.

Above picture i was generate 3rd pin i was happy and i thought i can submit my document through This Form link but when i was click that link .link will go to adsense support page .you can see the below picture

Adsense 3rd Pin generate and document submit

In 2016 i don't know exact month after 3rd in generate can't submit digital scanned copy.Here is proof. This form link go to adsense support page 

If any one having this problem just comment here and share this post... We will get solution for this... Cheers....
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